Zachary Forget — I have a few editor friends and would be happy to hook you up with them if you are looking. Prices depend on the type of work (like anything). Someone just to clean up the grammar etc can be cheap (pay $100 to go over 4 articles) up to $50 an hour for structure advice, title advice plus all the grammar and content changes. And length obviously plays a role. Honestly I would just start with a friend going over them and when you have a great article you really think has potential pay a few bucks to see what a professional recommends doing.

If you are in Mexico I would focus on getting good at editing because you could potentially make it a good business. Editors in NYC charge a fortune because they have to to pay rent. I live in a small town in Spain and need peanuts to live so I can undercut US consultants, coaches writers etc and live well here while never worrying about finding work.

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