Wow Jason Berek-Lewis. Great question and nicely laid out. It really depends what your goals are. The last month or two I’ve been posting often because I just had another baby and I wanted to step up the writing because I feared I would not have time for it and I see the benefit to packing something up and getting it out the door. Also some of the best things I written, I wrote in an hour because I had recently lived something or the light bulb went off so to speak. But when starting out why not try to get it right.

The first article I wrote back way back in December 2016 got picked up by Fast Company. One day I got an email saying if I cleaned it up they would run it. In other words it was good, but missing a few small things in order to be great. I did not know what those things were so I waited exactly a week to touch it again and then put it in front of a few people who I knew could help me get it right. I have 7 or 8 big posts and everyone of them was from doing this. Waiting on good. Letting other people see it before publishing it and waiting a few days to see where my thoughts went. Also every single time that “one true sentence” that gets tweeted or highlighted a bunch popped out after I disconnected from it. Also this is great for writing a good title.

I guess there are pros and cons to everything and strategies vary. I’m not a content creator but write to better think and for me waiting helps with this and over the last year has helped to speed up my thinking.

Your question may inspire a post so thanks for taking the time.

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