Timeless Advice I Wish I’d Followed Earlier in My Career

1. Learn to smile at trouble

1. Learn to smile at trouble

“I need 3 things from you while we‘re going through this troubling time. I need you to be punctual. I need you to be present. And I need you to be positive.”

2. Make friends with people who play on the edges of your sandbox

3. Choose “enlargement” over happiness

“When stumped by a life choice, choose ‘enlargement’ over happiness.”

4. Focus on honing your “And”

5. Become a master at distilling complicated ideas into simple language

6. Live in the space of the next 5 minutes

7. Create loads of “White Space” in your day

8. Chase people, not money

“If you ask for money, you’ll get advice. But if you ask for advice, you may get money.”

— Advice given to Peter Diamadis by his mentor, Al Furth.

9. Do what you can — with what you have — to lift up the people around you

“The fastest way to carve your own path is by helping other people to carve theirs.”

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