They are business websites in the US as I mainly work with startups and coaching executives that have big reaches that are more my target audience than Medium with the exception of Personal Growth and The Mission (but harder to get into and not nearly as easy to submit through). I live in Spain and no one really knows Medium, but the bigger US business publications help a great deal with getting clients.

That’s great you are speaking with Nick. I was reading both of your work yesterday and I think you guys are onto something following the lines of Zat Rana from time to time and obviously Charles that Medium is missing which are real thinking pieces from real people trying to figure things out for themselves but bringing others along for the ride (easy reading on hard topics).

If you ever want to chat one day about Medium/writing etc let me know and open invite anytime for both you and Nick Wignall to join the little group me and Tom Kuegler started to get different people together on a slack channel to support whatever we are doing. Basically just a way to get to know other people with similar interests but doing different things.

Have a great day and if you ever make it to Barcelona let me know.

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Co-creator of 2 boys with my dream girl • Career coach • Featured in Business Insider, Fast Co, MSN, & Forbes • Join 40K+ others by following along.

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