The simple things are also the most extraordinary — Paulo Poehlo

Hello Judy — I think we complicate our lives so much with deadlines and unfulfilling prioroties that we forget about the little things way too often. If you are a person who makes lists — to do — to buy etc a very simple habit to start is adding in something like — compliment my wife, son, co-worker today. Little reminders make for big changes or send a pair of funny socks to someone etc. I truly believe that “inefficient actions” are the difference between good and great. Those that take the time to notice what other people enjoy always win.

BTW I was asked recently in an interview, “What was the last gift I bought for someone and why?”. I think about that question often now and hope to never be unprepared again to answer it.

Thanks for commenting. Means more than you may think. Have a great day.

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