Thanks Teresa Colón- always love hearing from you. Honestly just 15 minutes of silence provides me with a reset that gets me back into thinking about what “really” needs to be done. Interestingly enough for me I have kind of given up on the podcasts and books of late and started listening to myself more and I can’t stop writing as a result. I have enough information. I have enough stories. I have enough motivation and sitting down each day to do nothing has made me realize how much I already know and have — if that makes any sense. In short, I guess taking the time to relax myself helped to bring all that I do know or want to better know out of me.

BTW — I have been focusing more on “when” I do something more than ever. When you listen to a podcast do you have time for it to digest and the dots to connect? When you talk to a friend who motivates you do you then have an hour to write? As a new father designing my day around these types of questions has helped me to better utilize the free time I do have. I plan to go into this more in a future post but I recommend reading Daniel Pink’s book “When” as it is pretty amazing how much it plays a role.

Over and out for now and thanks again for stopping by. Hug from Barcelona.

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