Thanks so much for this John D Carmack. I was expecting some blow back from this article but have been happy that the positive responses outweigh the negative. I just replied to a comment saying something similar but I did not write this article for “everyone” — I wrote it for those who want to gain more confidence speaking with new people and completely get that some people do not want to speak to strangers (However, from the private messages I have read from fellow introverts thanking me for this makes it more than worth it).

I too do not want to live in a world where we are scared to talk to people whose faces look like they have a story to tell and certainly will not stop because a few people do not like it. Few things are more powerful than a new friendship and the more we are proactive in creating these moments the better. Everything I have and love has come from meeting people. Full stop.

Really appreciate you taking the time and I hope something changes where “real human interactions” become the norm again. Have a great week and thanks again.

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