Thanks L.J. Murphy, MFA for stopping by. I hate that we live in a world where shit like that happens and companies still do not see the benefits of supporting people who give their time to them. As a guy I can’t begin to understand what women go through on a daily basis. My wife and I made a decision that her career would come first when we had kids (and fortunately we live in Spain where combined with her having 6 months off and it’s normal that kids start at public school at around 9 months — not free but manageable — we didn’t experience the constant stress that having a kid in other places entails). At the time we started a family I was self-employed and wasn’t enjoying what I was doing and between sick days and long nights I lost a great deal of those contracts. However, 4 years later it was a blessing in disguise as over time I figured out a way to make it work as a dad working from home — reading my post over again I can completely see the holes and should have positioned it as simply the lessons my little guys have taught me as I had them in mind when writing it.

Really appreciate you stopping by and looking forward to learning more about you.

Take care —


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