Thanks Kunal Shandilya

Wow — just 18 and already asking these questions. Keep at it and keep reading as much as you do. Most people don’t.

Recently I was talking to my dad about confidence — leadership etc and he stopped me and said, “You are asking me the wrong questions. All of the areas you want to talk about stop and start with self-awareness.”

He is right and so are you when saying it is #1. Cornerstone to all growth. I have a young son and another on the way in literally a few days along with 2 companies here in Barcelona so writing is not my main priority, but I hope to have a legit website up in a few weeks for my articles and the first thing I will give away is a guide to self-awareness. When I am done I will be happy to send it over to you. Or even better before am I am 100% finished to hear your thoughts on it to see if I am missing anything.

If at 18 you are on the lookout to be more self-aware I can’t imagine where you will be in ten years. Glad we are connected on here so I get to follow along.

I will follow you on twitter in 3, 2, 1…

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