Thanks Jonathan Moreno that made my day, week, month and year. And yes “wisdome-icle” is a word and if not maybe “advicicle”;). Thanks for taking the time to clap but your message means more. Twas a good year and don’t be a stranger on here. I have never followed someone who has never written anything before — until now — so feel free to tag me when you post your first one.

Thanks again man and just curious — but where are you from? I live outside of Barcelona and I am surrounded by Moreno’s.

Take care-


#longlivethelisticles — I personally love them as I have kids and sometimes do not want to have to look for the lesson and these serve as my go to inspiration point for single lesson posts but it helps to have them in one place and despite what people say — I still love a good listicle — but they have to be true lessons learned that tell a story and not just cut and pasted clichés.

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