Thanks John — I see your point and a big part of me agrees with you — however, much of these depend heavily on the circumstances and a “hello and smile” goes a long way when meeting people and if someone is not smiling back when you approach them as a rule I steer away (and should have stressed that much more in the article). I was not using this article as a way to do tests on people, simply a collection of introductions to people that I have found to work 9.9 times out of 10 in circumstances Better Humans requested in their call for the article.

My wife and I met by her shyly coming up to me after a seminar I gave for her work saying “Sorry to bother you, but could we talk more about this over lunch” and I found it very genuine — and will work more on getting the wording right in the future and do a better job of painting a picture of the circumstances as getting introductions down on paper is challenging regarding having it connect with everyone as introverts tend to like some advice that extroverts don’t etc.

Have a great week and thanks again for taking the time.

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