Thanks for your feedback Stacey. I am 40 years old and just relocated to my 4th country with my young family and hands down the best place to meet new like minded people in a new place is through sports and not every “line” is encouraged for men to go up to women but men making friends with other men also — which gets harder with age.

I apologise if this came off as creepy — the half dozen women editors who I worked with on this all thought it was a helpful guide, but that may be because they know me in person and I can imagine asking strangers questions in written form can come off as odd and I wish I would have painted more of a picture for the circumstances to ask each question.

Have a great week and thanks for taking the time- BTW in addition to the gym questions which ones were also creepy? The questions in the work section I thought were all pretty safe same with the kids, etc? Better Humans provided a list of questions to ask in their call out for someone to write this article and gym, celebrity, kids parents were all on there and I simply ran down their list and got feedback from more than 2 dozen people about this article to minimize the creepiness of writing about “conversation starters.” — which I will be the first to admit can be creepy ;)

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