Thanks for the shout out Lane Carrigan. I love how open you are in your writing. Takes guts and def. keep at it. I am yet to hit the 50 post mark and cannot count how many opportunties have come from sitting down for a few hours a week and bleeding. If you ever want to talk let me know. I am trying to speak to as many people I like on Medium to put a voice to their writing. BTW — why don’t you move to Spain and teach English. I used to give monthly seminars on how to find work teaching at TEFL center and would be happy to talk if you have thought about the idea. Just an idea. BTW — I just started a story yesterday about something that happened to me when I was 29 that I am still too embarrassed to write about that “stuck” me for close to 3 years. Greats mind think alike — or maybe it is the water in Carlisle.

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