Thank you so much Caroline DePalatis for this. Made my day, week, month and year. I sat on 2 articles for the last few months that I was not happy with and last week something clicked and I threw this together in an hour. My wife and parents may be onto something when they tell me to be more patient. I only have a few hours to write each week due to other commitments and rush to post things, but this one served as a strong reminder that sometimes it is better to wait for more dots to connect and create one strong post instead of a few weak ones.

Thanks again for your words and actions— having someone print out something I wrote may be the highest compliment I have ever received and I cannot thank you enough for telling me as it did a world of good for my confidence.

Have a great day and thanks for the fifth time.

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Co-creator of 2 boys with my dream girl • Career coach • Featured in Business Insider, Fast Co, MSN, & Forbes • Join 40K+ others by following along.

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