Really appreciate you including me in this list Darryl Ucheya. Means more than you may imagine. I wish at 24 I had been taking the time to do what you are doing now. I think the confusion you talk about in your bio may clear up sooner than you think if you continue the path you are on. It took me till about 35 for my dots to connect from past experiences to find the work that I love and on average that does not happen till most people are about 50 so be patient and keep being curious.

Someone who has been instrumental in helping me figure out where I was best suited was Conor Neill — his youtube channel is a must view every week — it has inspired more posts than anything else. He is a serial entrepreneur and professor at IESE Business School here in Barcelona — #1 ranked by the Financial Times as the best MBA program for executive training in the world and his series is the closest thing I have come across as an online MBA. He will not only get you thinking — but also give you tips on how to apply the new things you are learning.

I love your list — my two favorite Medium writer’s are Niklas Goeke and Zat Rana. These 2 are fantastic thinkers and the growth of Niklas over the last year has been nothing short but incredible for a young guy and after reading a post by Zat I question if I should even continue trying to write.

Also you may like Tom Kuegler — sounds like the two of you have a lot in common from what I have read. Tom makes me want to dream more and also do something about it. He would be a good person to study as he is currently putting in the work to set himself up to do things on his terms.

In terms of writing — the past few months have really been a breakthrough for me and it has come by sitting down everyday to write for an hour or so no matter what I have going on at work and at home. I cringe when I read my first posts — but I am super proud of the last dozen are so and thank you for taking the time to recognize this as it has motivated me to set aside more time in the future. I live in a small town in Spain where no one knows what Medium is so nice to wake up this morning and see that I was included in this list as the other people you mention are on another level.

See Conor’s Youtube channel below and I look forward to following your journey. Take care — Michael

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