10 Phrases to Help You Sell More

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1. On a scale from 1 to 10 how close are you to going on a date with me?:

I know that this is a bit basic, but just hear me out. Most likely when asking someone you just met to go out with you, you will get an answer someone on the south side of 5 and your initial instinct may be to ask, “What will it take to make it an 10?”

2. On a scale from 1 to 10 how close are you to going forward with the purchase, BUT you can’t say 7?:

I recently came across this one when listening to Tim Ferriss speak to Gary Vaynerchuk about some of his favorite lessons he learned while writing “Tools of Titans” and I have been using it ever since with great success.

3. Can I help you to find someone cheaper?:

Whether we like to admit it or not, price matters, but it is rarely what is holding someone back from buying from you.

4. If I can do A, B and C — Will you move forward?:

This is a simple way to measure interest and better identify exactly what the person you are speaking with wants. I used this line everyday for 5 years in my first sales job and it worked like magic.

5. Here is what “most people” do next:

No matter how much you may want to say to someone, “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO” in order to move people to action, you can’t.

6. How open minded are you to……?:

The beauty of using the words “open-minded” and “close-minded” is that 99% of people will say that they are opened-minded. Despite us all knowing, this is probably not the case;).

7. What is it that is stopping you from moving forward?:

Hands down the biggest impediment to getting things done is not knowing exactly why someone is not moving forward, so to save yourself the headache, just ask.

8. I bet you are a bit like me……….:

I bet you are a bit like me and you like to try new things.

9. Take a second and IMAGINE:

People never do things without first imagining themselves doing it. So use this to your advantage and use the power of storytelling to help them envision their life with or without your product or service.

10. I am not sure this is for you, but:

These word immediately put people at ease because they take the pressure off from making an immediate decision. However, by suggesting that they may not be interested, immediately they become more curious as to what it is that they may or may not be missing out on.

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