Man Stacey Demarco we could have saved a lot of time if we had spoken before this article went out by making one of the questions something regarding is it appropriate to talk to women at the gym;)

I completely understand what you are saying and completely agree. I think circumstances make a huge difference and will try to better convey that next time. I am a 5 foot 9 guy with blonde hair who looks extremely innocent and acts even more so and I wanted the article to be from my experience with the aim to help the shy types make the connections with people whose faces look like they have a story to tell. Combine that with a stutter and walking up to girls and laying down a line is the opposite of me and a big reason why I wanted this article to go to Better Humans as I did not want this to come off as a pick-up line piece, but can see exactly why some of it comes off as such. Honestly if the gym bit was not included I would have been just as happy with it but at the same time I do not want to live in a world where I have to second guess talking to someone — but understand that I am not everyone and wish I had worded that better in the article.

I have a sick baby at home and have to run — but if I ever write something like this in the future —would you down to look it over? I love my friends, but they won’t tell me what I need to hear and would love your feedback as causing a stir was the last thing I wanted to do with this article.

Sorry we met this way — but glad we did.

Take care —


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