It was the one about working in a toxic environment:

It stood out to me because Tiffany Sanya did not blame other people for the situation like most posts I read on the topic, but provided very realistic and actionable steps to make a plan and as a coach it helped. I hate posts entitled “Avoid Toxic People” — people are not toxic — we all have good qualities and we all have bad one’s and it is up to us to get to know the good and ask the right questions. We all have stages when we are toxic and nice to read a post with very actionable steps on what to do when faced with that situation.

In the spirit of shining the light on someone who should have more viewers. Keep your eye on Shirley Lee — she has a unique voice and great since of humor.

I write not not because I want to be a writer, but because I needed to find a way to calm my brain down since my wife and I started a family a few years ago and I like the way Shirley thinks and offering unconventional advice — I think you may like her as well. She strikes me as the person that would be fun to get a drink with.

Over and out for now and look me up if you ever make it to Barcelona. Eat some General Tso’s chicken for me.

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