Indeed I am one of those ideal/perfect people JulianGiulio Nhorteo Batedo ;). No if you have read anything of mine in the past I am the opposite — I stutter so I write about communication. Growing up I was bad with relationships so now I write about them. I used to have addiction problems so I write about wellness. I have anxiety attacks so I write about that. In short, I write about what I am bad at as a way to get better at it. Sorry if this came off like I was trying to be an expert as I mainly write to remind myself not to be a dick. As per the tips being useful or not? That is up to you but I know that my wife likes me a lot more if she is having a shit day and I don’t talk about my great day. My friends like me a lot more if I am not one-upping them and bragging all the time etc. Listen to most people talk today and see how many are promoting themselves one minute and then complaining the next — and round and round it goes and you are better off not playing that game and just shutting up and going about your business.

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