If you make it to Barcelona John Gorman me know — I’d love to show you around. Whatever that tip is write for rhythm and sound you’ve got that nailed. I started writing a little over a year ago and you make it look easy which I know is damn hard.

Btw if you haven’t come across this page I think you will like it and possibly be a good place for you to write. 2 guys (Barcelona based Americans actually) who got backed by Bourdain for long form paid travel / culture etc pieces and have received top reviews (pitched him over a drunk email). This article is about a Godfather 2 reference about a mysterious Cuban adult performer named Superman and a journalists attempt to track down what happened to him. Something tells me you may like it. Thanks for taking the time.

“That ain’t no fake. That’s real. That’s why they call him Superman.” — Fredo


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