I think much it can be learned, but your baseline does indeed help in the equation as the road is shorter if naturally you are positive and good with people. I am by no means someone that gets called charming very often (as a guy who stutters) but I have found that the more I embrace my flaws, and work on improving them, the more I do receive compliments. One girl even recently asked me, “What do you know about self-doubt, you were born cool.” I almost fell over. Bill Clinton attributes a great deal of his success to the South African term Suwa Bona — “I see you”. And simply to acknowledge everyone you come in contact with from the waiter to the owner etc. If you like that idea — there is a bit more about it, in the post I wrote a few months back https://journal.thriveglobal.com/the-7-most-important-words-you-will-read-today-e631e81ad3fb

Appreciate the comment Patty and you taking the time. Means more than you may think….and yes the world would indeed be a better place, just maybe not as beautiful as experiencing the whole range intensifies the good in people (at least I think and that may be my cold medicine talking).

Take care

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