Honestly I have never read an article about them and do not really care (probably a mistake on my part) Jeremiah Luke Barnett. I always think it is best to build up and take the unsexy steps, but my first tag was for life and life lessons and I had no idea what I was doing. Generally when I have no idea what I am doing and just write and go with my gut — good things happen. Tags confuse me — I wrote one post with humor and the next day I was a top writer in the category. Same goes for creativity. My goal now is to dominate the Medium tag so my byline reads “Top Writer in Medium” — great for marketing;).

My work in coaching is about relationships, leadership, creativity, productivity etc and that is what I like writing about combined with stories from my life so the life lessons etc fits in well with what I write about. In short- I have no idea. But your question made me think about more ways in which I am underutilizing Medium — I have had all 5 top writer tags for as long as I can remember so never really thought about changing up what I was doing. I have to travel to Costa Rica this coming week for work, but when I am back if you ever want to talk Medium let me know and we can hop on a Skype call.

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