Hey Lane Carrigan— I just saw your post in regards to the writers I would bet on. Very odd that this story was posted as it was a draft and I was at my farm all day and did not post it as I still wanted to clean it up. Strange. But to answer your question — for that post I was writing about people under 25 who have recently stood out to me and they happened to be all guys. One of the reasons I love Medium is watching new talent develop and I sure am glad you said something as I just read over a few of your posts and they are damn good. Can you send me over a few recommendations of young female writers that you like? I deleted the post I wrote for the reason above as I did not feel it was ready, but would love to read some of your recommendations in case I can make it better. BTW — have you read Insight by Tashe Eurich. I mentioned her a few times in my recent posts and I think you may like her book on self-awareness. I wish I had read it when I was starting out in my career. Have a great Easter and thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. Take care — Michael

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