Hey Jack Heimbigner nice to hear from you. I’d guestimate 99 percent Medium dependent. 20 percent of my posts or so were featured which helped big time and I shared those on FB or Linkedin sometimes. Having a column with PS I Love You also helped a lot and a few times posts got shared by someone with a large audience outside of Medium. I think I’ve sent out 12 emails to my mailing list over the year and this I do regret not doing as it’s not a lot of work and I’d like to do a better job of getting to know the people on it more. I’d love to get into Linkedin or Quora next year to get better at a different style — I gave LI a good run for about 4 months starting in the Fall of 2018 and I liked it a lot — but in early 2019 focused solely on writing and by the summer I hit a really good stride of consistently high performing posts. The last month or so I’ve been a bit burned out and I took off a few weeks earlier this month. Things go in waves and I don’t expect in 2020 to have the same results but I hit a stride at the right time and it opened a lot of doors quickly and I think that’s because I really buckled down on writing and stopped worrying about everything else. Hope that answered your question — late where I live and running on fumes. Have a good holiday and thanks for stopping by and the support.

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