Hello Ruben — I wish at 19 I was as observant as you are or even today at age 39. I did not start writing down my thoughts until last year and would have loved to have kept a journal or something to see how my thoughts have developed over the years. I think it would be cool if each day you write down the little things that make other people smile so you experience the feeling three times (1. witnessing the act of kindness. 2. writing it down. 3. reading about it later.).

What I meant by “never stop noticing the details that make other people smile” is a personal reminder to me to focus on the little things that bring joy into other peoples lives. My wife for example loves when I whisper in her ear in public. She loves me leaving little notes around the house for her etc. Like you said, “when you are working so so hard” it is hard to rememeber to do these things, but in reality they are the only things I should be doing. If everyday I am not only looking for what makes the peopel in my life smile, but also doing something about it, the rest tends to take care of itself.

You know what I mean?

Very happy you took the time to leave this message. I noticed on your profile you have not written an article….yet. Please do. I can see that you have something to say. Feel free to contact me if you need someone to edit it.

Have a great day.

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