Hello Nicole — wow I think your questions may be better suited as a post but in short….

  1. I am good (and thanks for asking) or at least I am getting better at telling myself that.
  2. Currently my wife, son and I are about an hour north of Barcelona at the base of the Pyrennes (town where my wife grew up) and thinking we will be here for a while. I know that “it is not where you are, but who you are with” but location is huge for me. Within an hour we are in an amazing city, on a mountain or in the Med. Sea. Having a young family means that we cannot pick up for long trips as easily but living where we do allows for great long weekends as within 4 hours in the car or a few hours on a train we are in another world. Just demands starting out early so our son can sleep for a few hours more before we arrive.
  3. Overcoming obstacles: I will be writing about this more in the future but for me personally peer presssure was huge for me growing up — but in a positive way. I am not sure if you read my most recent post about the importance of surrounding myself with confident people but I got lucky with my friends and was scared to death that they were all going to go on and live big lives and I wasn’t. I know it is not good to compare yourself to others, but it can serve a purpose. Thanks for this question as I feel another post coming.

4. As for the last point — traveling with kids — this is a challenge no doubt. The older I get the more I believe that life has seasons. I cannot pick up and move to a new country now like I have a few times in the past, but we still do a lot of exploring. I read once that 70% of people in Arizona had never visited the Grand Canyon and half my friends in PA have never been to NYC (3 hours on train and $50). What I would suggest is to take advantage of the 2–3 hour radius around where you live and build out as time passes. Also is your husband cool with once or twice a year you taking a long weekend on your own and going to a place alone. Sometimes those short trips serve the same purpose as a long one if you put yourself out there. I hope I at least answered some of your questions and as I think about it more I will let you know. If you ever think about relocating or a long trip feel free to reach out as I have started from zero in 3 countries as an entrepreneur and/or freelance (before internet jobs were the “in” thing) and would be happy to hop on a call and brainstorm. BTW starting a tribe like you are doing is the best way to do that in 2017/18 as doors will open that you never knew existed.

Hope you had a great holiday and an even better 2018.

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