Hello Harman , sorry for the late reply — sick baby and pregnant wife equals no more than a few hours a month on Medium lately. I really appreciate your feedback — funny last Friday a friend sent me an article from Readers Digest and INC about the “platinum rule” going onto say it means “treat others how they would want to be treated.” I write to clarify my thoughts and as someone who just started writing this past year I still have a lot of clearing to do and I hope I always will— but I really appreciate the constructive criticism and your words will help me to get it better the next time.

Your virtuous point reminded me of advice I got from a now friend of mine who the first time we met I was so nervous I blew the first impression (big name writer and communication expert) and he told me hung with me because he could see through the smoke that our values aligned and when you meet someone who shares similar values they are worth giving a 2nd, 10th, 100th chance. I think about those words often and it helps me to be open minded when meeting new people.

Btw — Im sorry if you saw my title as clickbait. Not my intention. But glad it did get you to read the article and lead to your comments.

Have a great weekend and virtual handshake from small town Catalunya.

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