Great question Jonathan — Honestly I do not think I ever would have had the guts to publish something if someone I hadn’t admired a great deal who has millions of readers give me a pep talk one day. I struggle big time with the publishing part but what I have found is that you really never know what is going to break through the noise. Some of the articles that took me less than an hour to write and edit that I thought were average have gone the furthest. But what I have also learned is that you do not have to publish everything you write. Sometimes something really important comes to you after you let it sit a while. Everyone is always in a rush, but I read once that Tim Ferriss had waited 2 years to publish a post and Ryan Holiday was advised not to write his big first book yet and waited a few years until it was bullet proof and that really made me think that sometimes patience is the best way to get ahead. I wrote for fun on and off (once a month maybe) for a few years but some of the things I wrote then have been crucial in filling in gaps today. Also this year I hired an editor for a few pieces to look over and the tips he gave me really helped. For $100 I learned how to write shorter (still a struggle) and more concise sentences. My recommendation is to write and write and write and piece together the thoughts from a few sessions into one really strong one and then hit publish. When you do let me know. Will gladly pass it around.

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