Completely get what you are saying Carolyn Kopprasch and a big reason I write is to get things right. The article is in the hands of Better Humans now but I will send them a message ASAP as it needs to be said as the what you mentioned was the last thing I want to encourage. I was commissioned to write about how to build friendships, not relationships and that wording should have been better. Growing up stuttering noticing body language was a big thing for me as I was scared to talk to people and always interacted with those who clearly looked open to it and a section on that is needed.

BTW — I write a lot about employee engagement and after looking at your profile would it be cool to reach out for a tip from time to time. I am an advisor for startups and working with a few who are either focused on employee engagement or customer engagement and have become fascinated with the subject and have been writing more and more about it.

I will send your feedback over now and from my experience working with BH I would think they will rectify it sooner than later.

Have a great week and thanks again.

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