Completely agree Kris Gage - I quit them a year ago and I’m much more productive and more importantly, happy. But not because they didnt serve a purpose — they do for people who need a push for figuring out what they want to do, but once you figure out what you want to do the guru (who teaches what works for them) needs to be replaced with a mentor who helps you as an individual determine what works for you. If you have a business and need someone to yell at you to get out of bed in the morning and maximize the day maybe you are not made to own a business. Passion and drive are not nice to haves.

Great article and agree with a great deal — but do you really think other people cant help someone raise their self esteem? I grew up stuttering and my friends were huge for me in regards to getting out of my own head and helping me find things I was good at when all I wanted to do was hide behind my stutter.

I’m writing this with a sick kid sleeping on my chest so hope it makes sense. Love your style. Virtual hello from small town Catalunya.

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