As a guy who writes code you may hate me for saying this but I use a highlighter and then write out the quotes that stick onto a notecard and do my best to organize them by topic. Ryan Holiday / Robert Greene “Notecard System.”

Takes time but I’ve found it’s the best way for me to remember them. Also it reminds me to slow down when reading and let the words sink in (btw not nearly to Ryan’s extent).

I love audiobooks (when walking and running) but do my best to read 30 minutes a day off a hard copy as it reminds me to breathe. My way of meditating I guess.

Reading has turned into the most important aspect of my job. Twelve months ago I never would have guessed that an hour a day would change my life so much. Idea In = Idea Out

Any good podcasts you recommend? I really like Tom Bilyeu / CEO of Quest Nutrition (used to be called Inside Quest now it’s called Impact Theory + Tim Ferriss (shocker). Tom has a great book list -

And if you ever make it up this way — let me know. Would be great to talk in person.

Bona nit.

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