Hello and thank you for stopping by my little corner on Medium. I work in a lot of different lanes. But when you clear the smoke and titles, my job revolves around one thing: "words" - how to write them to build connections and how to say them to inspire positive action. If you look at my career history, my trajectory makes sense. I started in sales and I'm now a communication strategist, leadership lecturer for MBA students in Barcelona, and writer. But this journey to "here" has been far from easy. I grew up with a severe speech impediment and social anxiety. In order to get over this fear and build confidence, fully aware that opportunities are won through human connection, I did the one thing that scared me the most: sales As you can imagine as a shy kid with a stutter, not every day went smoothly. But to my surprise, after I got my footing, I began to excel. Since that time, my career has taken me into classrooms and boardrooms across the globe - from corporate management jobs in the US to entrepreneurial endeavors in Central America to my work today in Catalunya. I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish. I'm proud I've made my obstacle my way. Some people focus on their strengths to win the life they want. I didn't. I choose the opposite. Gaining confidence and learning the tools to make my words count while now helping other people to do the same has led to a very fulfilling career. The same goes for helping organizations and causes I believe in to get their message to stand out. In fact, when I'm not getting beaten up by my two kids and being put back together by my wife, nine times out of ten you can find me wrestling with ways to get words to rise. If you're interested in tightening your communication to advance your career while learning more about the power of words and storytelling to build a loyal audience from someone who's not a natural but lives in the weeds, give me a follow and say hello on a recent article.

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