5 hours a week? Great name for a book. Yes — Ryan I’ve worked my ass off and after 20 years of doing it today I get to work 5 hours a day (and why would I work more if I can be home with my kids more and spend a few hours doing work I enjoy?). When it comes to creative work I find anything above that is a waste of time. Deep will come but I’m in the process of finding my groove as a writer and from my experience taking the time to get every idea you have out into the world to see what hits is super valuable. Thanks for the feedback and have a great week.

PS: I’ll let you know when I write a book about something deeper as that’s the plan but figured it would be a waste of time to do that without having first seen which ideas people like that mix what I like to write about it. Medium has created a system that allows people to make a living while doing that and I don’t know about you but I like that. Point #9: write listicles as they give you insight into which ideas connect with people for longer posts.

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