18 Lessons I Need to Learn in 2018

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1. Focus more on the “why” behind what I am doing “right now”:

2. Don’t stop doing the things that work:

3. Focus more on inspiring instead of being inspired:

4. Read more books from people I do not understand:

5. Ask more uncomfortable questions to people who make me uncomfortable:

6. Give my work more time to breathe:

7. Ask myself more positive questions, more often:

8. Introduce more people:

9. Get back to work:

10. Surprise my son more:

11. Stop worrying about width and get back to focusing on depth:

12. Eat better:

13. Tell people what they mean to me in the mornings:

14. Get better at knowing what to say “yes” to:

15. Take the stairs to my apartment after running:

16. Step away when I get stuck:

17. Try to enjoy my birthday — aka embrace getting older:

18. Stutter more:

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